Wintershall Education

Wintershall Education was created to support schools in accessing The Life of Christ production performed every June, but the programme also provides an exciting collection of resources and outreach projects which encourage the use of biblical drama in the classroom. Details of all that we offer are available on our website Wintershall Education | Wintershall

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Wintershall Education resources:

• Meet the National Curriculum Framework for Religious Education (NCFRE) teaching and learning requirements.
• Have direct links to the Roman Catholic ‘Come and See’ scheme of work
• Have direct links to the Church of England ‘Understanding Christianity’ Resources.

We recommend that cities involved in One Good Friday consider how Education can be part of their project. Schools use the performances in a variety of ways, from enhancing a broader balanced curriculum through History, Theatre Studies, RE and Values enquiries, to exploring Christian spirituality and deepening understanding of the life and impact of Jesus. The productions are also a memorable example of how Christians use their creativity to communicate the Gospel and impact people today, which is a popular RE enquiry theme for KS2 and KS3.

Wintershall Education are incredibly lucky to be working in partnership with our local Diocesan Education Advisers (both CE and RC) and teachers in order to support schools in the area. Get in touch with your local Education Diocesan Advisors and discuss how you can work together in using biblical drama performances to support local schools. This might also have an impact on funding applications.