Performed in the open air by the local community, the story commemorating the day that Jesus was arrested, tried and crucified before miraculously rising from the dead on Easter Sunday, will be brought to life on Good Friday 2022 in Cathedral Square Worcester. The 90-minute performance, in partnership with Wintershall, is free of charge for everyone to enjoy.

Good Friday 15 April 2022


Cathedral Square


This is a community event which we hope will feature in the Worcester calendar for years to come for the enjoyment of all.

As a community project we are not funded and depend on your support to make it work. The Worcester Passion Play is a registered charity and we would be grateful for any donation to enable us to develop this unique event in the interests of the community.

One Good Friday










We are looking for actors of all ages from the community to perform in the play – it doesn’t matter if you have never acted before or are a budding Oscar winner of the future, there are parts for everyone! If you are interested in a lead part or just being the third spear carrier on the left please contact us at: 


Telephone- 01886 812 862

Coming Soon...

We are arranging a number of activities over the coming weeks which will be posted on this website and social media. One of which will be a film released on Good Friday of the story of the 2020 Worcester Passion Play as well as the full performance of the 2019 Trafalgar Square Passion Play with an introduction from Cardinal Vincent Nichols and the Bishop of London

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About us

 In 2022 Worcester will be one of 10 cities across the UK participating in the “One Good Friday” initiative. At 10.30 on Good Friday the Passion of Christ as performed by Wintershall in Trafalgar Square every year since 2010 will be brought to life simultaneously throughout the UK. 

The re-enactment of the Passion of Jesus including a moving crucifixion and resurrection has been watched by an estimated 180,000 people in Trafalgar Square over the past 9 years. The performance has been streamed with an additional 300,000 people watching the performance online in many countries across the world. It is our intention that the Worcester Passion Play becomes an annual event in the Worcester calendar. 

About us
Everybody loves a good story and the story of Christ is a pretty good one, in fact, it could just be the greatest story ever told. In 2022 there is a vision to bring this story to Worcester, to bring it to life, to make a spectacle not just in Worcester but by Worcester as a large scale community project is happening right here in the city centre! in 2022 Worcester shall be taking part in the national initiative One Good Friday taking place in cities around the UK bringing the story of Christ to life through the Wintershall Passion this is something we hope the whole church can get behind the whole city can get behind and something really to be excited about.

The famous Wintershall Passion play has been performed in Trafalgar Square London on Good Friday every year since 2010. This is an awe-inspiring fullscale re-enactment of the Passion of Jesus including a moving crucifixion and resurrection. This has been watched by an estimated 120,000 people in the Square over the past 9 years with almost 300,000 people watching the performance in 2019 through a Live Stream in many countries across the world.

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